Book Sixty-three


I make these books to record the passage of time. I make this list to record the passage of books. First, you start by writing about the world, but soon you find yourself writing about the act of writing. It seems that, ultimately all writing is self-conscious. In the end all writing is about writing. 

I bought this Rhodia journal for the legendary smoothness of its paper. The orange cover was an issue with me - and so I covered it in thick hand-marbled card. The card cover made the book hard to open. It gave the book an element of difficulty: like trying to extract a cigarette from a packet while wearing winter gloves. 

Every few years I go through a period when I try to learn to draw. My ideal for how books could be are the notebooks of New York artist John Copeland. His sketchbooks are now gone from his site but they still orbit in the pinerverse. Here are a few:

In 2017 I was invited to contribute to a group show at the Sunshine Coast Art Centre. I made some ink, cut a feather quill, and wrote a piece in this book. Here is a post about that show.

Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada