Book Sixty-two


On 2016, together with co-author Charllotte Kwon and a number of Maiwa staff, we went on an epic trip across India to visit communities of Banjara women and give out copies of Textiles of the Banjara to the women who had helped make the book possible. As we travelled, staff wrote letters back to Canada filled with photos and descriptions of everything that happened. This book contains those letters, and also maps and notes. There were eight of us. It was more trip than could fit into one book.

I also edited together a short film from the documentary video footage. Alex Kwon was responsible for a lot of the footage. Here it is.

Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin return to India to give out copies of their book "Textiles of the Banjara" to the women who helped make it possible.

Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada