Book Fifty-seven


This book was blank, intimidatingly thick, and had gold-edged pages. At the time I filled it I was working on line drawing. Portraits were always my goal, but I would settle for more simple objects; a saké bottle or a salt shaker. I recall a trip back to Ontario when I spent time waiting at various gates as my flight hopped across the country. I would draw simple these simple objects.

The cover has a striped book cloth - like a pattern that might be found in conservative wallpaper. I painted it with tea and then made a white rectangle on the cover to give it focus. Working on these books is like travelling with someone you’ve just met. There is so much apprehension at the start. As time passes you share events together and your relationship builds. By the end they have endeared themselves to you and you are reluctant to let them go. This is the way of books.

Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada