Book Thirty-three


In amongst the things that would pass away – Fugichrome Sensia 100 slide film, lists of phone numbers kept in a book, hand drawn calendars with letraset numbers marking the days (as if each day were not an entry in an endless database, but was rather something you could bring into being with your hands, with the marks of a pencil or pen, something you could inscribe into reality), in amongst these things we find my copies of sketches done by an artist, who, working in the style of the Group of Seven, visited our family cottage on the shore of Georgian Bay and simplified the endless complexity of tree branches and hills into clear lines.

When I look at this book I like these drawings most. Just as I like the idea of a weekend trip with no purpose other than to sketch or write. The threshold is so low for such trips that we hardly ever make them. Two days, some paper, a couple of pencils or pens. Escape what you want to escape and go where you want to go.

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Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada