Book Twenty-Nine


This one is a workbook. And so it contains notes on software, specifications for print designs, contact phone numbers and so on. It contains a wide array of quite distressingly messy writing. As if the person holding the pen were being attacked by a mad flock of crows.

The book itself was made by Kathy Kristmanson who's father appears here. The metal plate on the front shows a bear, carved out of copper with a very fine coping saw. In fact, the most remarkable thing about the book may be the plate I just described.

It also contains the odd literary fragment or idea. Here is one example:

He was the type of person who, when he entered a room, filled it with hope. Not the hope that everything would be alright, taken care of, and arranged, but rather the hope of achievement - as if the gates at the far end of the canal lock were opened, but what filled the passage was not water but resolution. 

In the same way when he departed what filled those left behind was a feeling of abandonment and sudden depression, as if someone had told you the exact hour of your death, or a beautiful inland lake had suddenly disappeared. 

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Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada