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Tim McLaughlin linocut by Maurice Spira.

Tim McLaughlin linocut by Maurice Spira.

Blogs are to writing (and publishing) what cameras are to making pictures. They are a great mechanism for enabling; a simple way to make content and cast it about.

On the most abstract level they bring simplicity to the chaos of web pages by setting everything into the unforgiving cement of chronologic order. Perhaps this explains why in the ‘90s everyone had a web site and now everyone has a blog. Progress is the introduction of time. They also look much nicer.

So in early 2009, clearly about five years too late, I began the task of dismantling box19.ca. I have been so invigorated by the ease with which one can push content into the blogosphere, so beguiled by its natural ability to incorporate bits and pieces and fragments and lists and ephemera in an elegant, graceful way, that I’m going to try out a couple of projects that have sat in the dustier corner of my mind for several years now.

Tim McLaughlin

Photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada